Artist Bio: Rock, Electronic & More

Oldknew was started by singer/songwriter David Evans. As a self taught musician, Evans has been playing guitar and writing songs for over 15 years. After cutting his teeth as the lead singer and songwriter for a jam rock band during college Evans went on to write and co-produce an eight song album that mixed the musical styles of disco, rock and dance music. It was while working with producer Ryan Maynes, formerly of the bands Arlo and Secret Powers, where Evans was introduced to the nuances of recording in a studio environment vs. playing in a live band. It was during these sessions where the two developed the multi layered harmonies that have become a signature sound in Evans’ music. Listen for it on tracks like Crazy Moon, Take The Title and even in the latest release, Immaterial Weight.

Your immaterial weight makes it harder. Fire and false hope is like sugar and water. It’s a dangerous hold when your bought and sold. It’s a dangerous road when you play with desire.

– Immaterial Weight (listen)

Fast Forward to present day and we are at the end of an 8 year absence from music for Evans. After teaming up with Producer and Recording Engineer Steve Burns, Evans and his multi layered harmonies seem to have found a new home. With a similar but more rock sounding vibe than on the Crazy Moon sessions, the first official release from the project mixes elements of Pink Floyd, Micheal Jackson, Queen and the Black Keys. ‘In all honesty, this song was a total accident. I went in to re-record an old beat but once we started working the song I heard a way to tie it into a rock album I was writing. After that, the parts just fell into place. Steve did a great job.’

What’s next? ‘There are 6 or 7 other songs for the Underality album that he would like to record and then it sounds like putting together a band for the project in the near future as well. It also sound like Dave has also been writing songs in the reggae and country genres and hope. With enough songs for an album or two he is just working to find the time and the money to get back into the studio.

The gut of my feeling is just that. A little rust on the chain. A little oil perhaps? Gone are those cold summer days. Up in the skies are those our areoplanes?

– Unfavorable Game

All that I know and all I’ve been told is a diamond has died and the truth has been sold.

– Dream In-Between

If my underality is true, is there hope in reason to stop this dividing in two?

– Underality

Days upon days. Time in denial. Your hard headed ways relentlessly forcing my face to smile.

– Truth In Denial

Troubled mind and burdened soul, I’ll see you in the dawn when the rooster crows.

– Run Around Blues (listen)